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 Unmatched Benefits

Guaranteed Death Benefit

Unlike your mortgage lender insurance, our insurance plans guarantee to pay out upon you passing away unexpectedly from any circunstance.

100% Payout Control

Your family receives a lump payment and can decide to pay the balance of the mortgage and keep any excess benefit. This is not the case with your lender insurance.


Change lenders or renew your mortgage with no worries. Your insurance follows you.

Flexible Coverage

Temporary or Permanent protection options. You can keep your insurance after you are mortgage free, to add security to your loved ones.

Disability Waiver Benefit

Continued protection without paying premiums, if you become disable and unable to work.

Terminal Illness Benefit

Get 50% of your coverage as an early payout, if you are diagnosed with a terminal illnesses. 

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In case of untimely death, accident or terminal illness, the insured amount is paid directly to your beneficiaries.

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Executive Director

Independent financial broker, specializing in life insurance and retirment portfolios. Has been helping canadian families and businesses to reach their financial goas while minimizing risk.

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Darren & Stephanie Golka

Senior Executive Directors Experior Financial Group

Only a comprehensive insurance plan can give you complete protection from today as well as tomorrow's uncertainties.

Annie Cuillerier

Senior Manager - Experior Financial Group